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Breathing so Peacefully...

It amazes me as I watch God continue to restore my Ashley over and over again. To look at her today you would have never imagined the nightmare that we lived this week. I am so thankful that we seem to be turning a corner once again. She looks so peaceful and so beautiful as she sleeps. Ash is off of the oxygen on a trial basis and she seems to be doing well. I am so excited! I wish you could all see her right now. She is tucked back into her crib with her Care Bear under her little arm. Her face is no longer swollen and she looks just like my Ashley again. Her beautiful eyes, her rosy cheeks, her tiny nose and her pouty little lips have all returned. Her strength, the strength He gives to her everyday, is amazing to me.

I was able to get out and get my hair done today for the first time since we came to Omaha. Ashley was tucked safely in Aunt Toni's arms and they were rocking each other to sleep, so I slipped away and found a salon and took a gamble. I am so leery of going to someone other than my hair stylist Jessie at Vargas back in Longview. I was absolutely desperate and could not have gone much longer. The gray was showing along with my roots and I was afraid Ash was going to become embarassed of her mommy if something wasn't done quick. So I found a Stylist who got me right in and within two short hours I have become a new person. Dave wouldn't even recognize me. It was so great to get to visit with someone new about my Ashley. I love how He uses my sweet girl to give me the boldness to speak of Him without reservation. When you talk about Ashley's story you can't help but tell of all the wonderful things He has done. It just spills out of you and before you know it you have shared your faith. I am so thankful He is teaching me how easy it is to talk of Him even to complete strangers through my daughter's life. Some people just look at me like they are so confused by all that I say. How can I be so thankful when she is so sick? I just ask them to look at Ashley's story and read back over all of the things He has brought us through and to think of all the things He is going to do. That in itself is something to be grateful for. I know this is not easy, but I also know that we are not alone during this time in Ashley's life. He gave Ash to us and I love Him more and more everyday as He reveals Himself to me more and more.

I have no idea what tomorrow holds for my Ashley, but today I am grateful for the peace that He is giving to her. I have learned not to worry about the future, but to be so very "present" in the present. I am just loving my Ashley one day at at time as He gives them to us. Today is a good day and I am grateful. God bless you guys. Thank you Longview Too Ambucs for all of your hard work selling those raffle tickets for our sweet girl. We love you guys and we could never thank you enough for all you do for us. Take care. Trish and Ash


At 5:08 PM , Anonymous Emily said...

I'm so happy to hear that she's doing so well. I can't wait to see her beautiful face tomorrow!!

At 7:14 PM , Blogger Troy and Melanie said...

We are so thankful to the Father for all He has done already....and we know He has many more blessigns to pour over your family. I am glad that you were able to get out of the hospital setting today and able share Ashley's story with more people. We knoe how much of a roller coaster ride this has been, but it is amazing to see His hands at work, at just the right times. He has brought you through each set back and you have continued to rejoice in Him for all the great things He has done. We are so thankful that you are able to share Ashley's story and your faith with all who surround you. We will continue our prayers and hope that you continue to have oppertunities to share your faith with others through the amazing story of Ashley that He has given you. Much love and prayers!

At 8:33 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Hey Trish...I am thrilled to hear that sweet darling is showing off a bit of personality tonight. Also, can relate to the hair thing too....LOL. That is who had the picture of Ashley at her station when I went to get my hair done (Jesse) I use Sherry. Anyway, I know how much better you must feel to both see Ashley improve & get your hair done. (= Praise ...Praise....(doing the praise Jesus dance again...) & again...glad it is internet & not video. LOL I am not a very coordinated one...(= Hope you have a blessed night full of rest, peace, & continued gifts from our heavenly father. Night..night.

At 4:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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