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Morning News From Ashley

This is a good morning for us here in Omaha! Ashley has just been taken off of the ventilator and she is only on 1 liter of oxygen right now. She is holding her sats at around 98 and we are thrilled. She looks like my Ashley again. Her swelling is almost gone and she can open her beautiful little eyes. She is not happy with me at this moment. She is refusing to look at me and will only look at her Aunt Toni. I think she is blaming me for all that she has had to endure this week. It is really o.k. I am just so glad to see that her little stubborn personality is coming back. I can take a little attitude from her and she has every right to be upset. It really has been a tough week for her. I have not been allowed to pick her up just yet,but as soon as the blood gas comes back with good results then she is all mine. I can't stop smiling this morning. How thankful I am to have come over another bump in this road we are on. God is so very good to us and I know that He has protected our Ashley this week while she was gone from us. My heart is overflowing with joy today as I anticipate all of the precious moments she and I will have today.

Thank you for praying us through another tough week, we are hoping to make next week full of nothing but progress. We are praying to avoid the operating room and to try and put a little food into her tummy. I am nothing but grateful for another day to spend with this gift that God chose to make mine. Take care of your babies and enjoy every moment. We look forward to seeing you all someday. If not in Texas, then certainly in Heaven. God Bless you all for loving Him enough to love my Ashley.


At 5:12 PM , Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I was so glad to see an update from you today! How wonderful that sweet Ashley is doing so well!! Your story has just really impacted my heart, and I think of and pray for your little girl many, many times a day. I hope today is filled with happy things for you both!!

At 6:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trish, I found your blog a couple of days ago and have spent hours reading about Ashley and praying for her. I will continue to keep up with you all and pray. So thrilled to hear all that God has done in her little life in the last day! In His Grace, Laurie Sigel


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