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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Up Date...

Things are progressing for Ashley very slowly. She is beginning to wake up and is now moving her arms and legs. She is trying to open her eyes, but there is a severe amount of swelling in her face especially in the eyes. She has not been able to do more than just peek out of them for a second. She is beginning to cough and move a lot of the secretions out of her lungs, and we are very thankful for that. The more she can cough out to be suctioned the less chance of her developing a pnuemonia. The only recognizable part of Ashley's face is her beautiful eyelashes. I have not wanted to take pictures of her like this because it frightens me to see them, but I finally gave in and took a couple for David to see. Ash is breathing above the vent settings and this is very good. She is takeing more and more breaths on her own.

I have been rubbing her little feet (which we all know she loves) and her hands with lotion. When I do her hands they grab tightly on to mine and tell me how much she loves me. I love this about Ash, and I thank God that He is showing me she is in there and trying to come out. I was hoping to see all of her by tonight, but I think His plan is better than mine. Instead of coming to quickly which could panic and scare her, He is allowing her to continue resting as she wakes up in His time. The peace that He has given to us today is a gift. The last few days it has been so difficult and scary, but today I just know that this is going to be o.k. She is going to come back to us with all of her awnry self and give them all a hard time again. I am looking forward to the day that she begins to throw her pink sponges to the end of the bed.

Dave and the kids are on the road to Dallas again this weekend. They are so excited to be traveling with friends and to be staying in a hotel again. They love hotel rooms! They are so silly. Over the last 14months I have learned to hate hotel rooms and love my room. Blake and Allie just don't understand why I feel this way. I am looking forward to hearing how they do in competition this weekend. How I wish Ashley and I could be there to watch. We really miss watching the Tarheels play! Good luck you guys.

I spoke to Skylers mom and he is just having a hard time breathing on his own. Last night he was having to work too hard so the safest thing to do is just give him a little help on the ventilator. I did see him grabbing some toys out of his Daddy's hands this afternoon and that made my heart smile. I am so glad his parents are believers and that they too have an amazing support system. God really does take care of us. I have not seen Chloe's parents yet today, but I am praying that she will get over the hump and start to improve soon. Yesterday I saw her and she was even more swollen than Ashley. Sarah told me she had gained 4lbs in fluid over night. How frightening that is for them. I am asking God to keep watch over all of our little ones who are struggling so hard.

God is still so very good to us and He continues to bless us through the midst of the storms we face. I know I am never alone even when I begin to feel so desperate. Thank you for your encouragement and the scriptures that you leave in my guest book. They never fail to lift me up at just the right times. You are all so very loved and appreciated for all you do. I hope to hug the necks of all who we have never met someday soon. May He bless you all and your families tonight.


At 8:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Keep the faith.

Amanda D.


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