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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Watching and Waiting

Good Morning from Ashley's "nursery" here in the PICU. The surgeon was commenting on Ashley's monogrammed linens and her "set up" in her room. I just politely smiled at him and said if I can't take her home to the nursery then I had to bring the nursery to her. It does look like the color pink has exploded all over her bed and her name is on every one of her blankets thanks to her Aunt Toni and her sewing skills, but I believe if shes a girl she ought to look and feel like one even when shes sick.

During rounds I felt like we were all on the same page today. The radiology report from yesterday says they feel there is a complete blockage of the piloris opening in the stomach, but after thinking long and hard about it we have all decided to watch and wait. We would hate to do a major surgery and "remodel" more of Ashley's anatomy if it doesn't absolutely have to be done. Some of the doctors feel it might just have been traumatized and swollen over due to the transplanted organs resting against the stomach or due to the severity of the surgery and scope done on Tuesday. This was the best possible news I could have heard today. I would like to spare Ashley from another surgery if it is possible. The plan is to wake her up, take her off of the vent, try to feed her again early next week, and see if anything can go through by then. We will do another GI series and look to see if anything has changed. If we have to do surgery then we will, but I would like to be sure this is what she has to have done rather than rushing in to it. My prayer is that if this is His will He would do astounding work in Ashley's body over the weekend and amaze everyone . Once again I will wait and see what the Lord will do. I am feeling positive about the possibility of not going into surgery.

We have already begun to try and get my Sweet girl to begin waking up. The paralytic drug has been turned off and we can see her little fingers beginning to move. I am so excited at the possibility of "seeing" my Ashley at some point today. They are giving her the spa treatment right now. A shampoo, a bath, clean pink jammies and a massage. This morning I manicured her little nails. When she does finally wake up she will feel like a new girl. I can't wait to start playing those Blues Clues videos. I have high hopes for us today and I look forward to spending the another day with my Ashley.

Thanks for visiting us today, and for checking on my baby. I love you guys and would cherish your prayers for her today. Praying that she can master breathing on her own again soon. I will post an update later this afternoon. God bless you guys!!


At 12:57 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Popped in for lunch & was so excited by your post....oh....thank you Jesus that she is being weaned off some of the med's & that her mommy saw a tiny bit of movement. I pray for a wonderful evening ...with some very special moments between you two. That is great news! Praying that surgery won't be needed & that God ...if it is HIS will....He will heal & take care of everything to ensure that it won't be needed. (= Praise!!!

At 1:20 PM , Blogger Troy and Melanie said...

We are so glad that she is starting to wake up even though it is slowly. We pray that she blesses your heart over and over again today with her little games and smiles. Thank you for sharing your story with us...we are so glad that we get to be a part of God's plans for your family. Much love and prayers.

At 1:52 PM , Blogger KT said...

I pray you get to see Ashley today and that she gets to see her Mom. They will call you blessed! What a journey you on may God show you His glory through this. How is Skyler? May God bless his family today as well. Thank you for sharing your heart and your life with us.

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