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Another Day is Done

Yeah, we made it through another day. This is the official end of day 120 here in Omaha. Ash and I have survived. When I look at the number of days we have been here I start to get a little overwhelmed until I remember that Ash spent the first 170 days of her life in hospitals back home in Texas. After being discharged on Jan. 20, 2006 we were given 226 days at home together before being called to Omaha for transplant. During those 226 we spent a few of them here and there in Children's Hospital of Dallas and a few weeks her in Omaha for transplant evaluation but who is really counting anyway? The point is that Ashley has been given 518 days of life and every one of them has been a gift from the Father. A gift that He has allowed me to be a part of. Every day I have loved her. I have prayed for her. I have been thankful for her.

Some of these days have been longer than others. Some of them have been happy. Some of them have been sad. Some of them have been scary. Some of them have left me numb. Some of them have brought great joy. Some of them have included sorrow. All of them have been blessed. Each and every day of her life has been a blessing to me.

Throughout each day of her life I have felt His presence. Guiding, protecting, loving, providing. I know He is here tonight. I know He is always working for her good. I believe He is watching over her while I sleep(even though she does not). I am thankful that He loves her and that He wants the best for her. Even when I struggle to understand I rest in the assurance of His love for my Ashley.

Another day is done and I look forward to what tomorrow will hold. It is full of promise. It is full of possibility. It is full of memories to be made. A clean page with which to write another part of her story. Good night from the PICU. May you rest well. Love, Trish


At 8:06 AM , Blogger Krista said...

It is so awesome how you KNOW that our Father is there and he loves you all so much (Us, I should say) And yes there are so many people Praying for Ash and all of you, God is being overwhelmed with Prayer at this time. He is working in her life and he is using her to show his love and Mercy for all of us. In case I havent said this in a while, thank you so much for sharing Ashley's story. She is a beautiful miracle that reminds everyone God is in control and he is there. Have a good day and I will check on you girls later.


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