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My Grateful Heart

My heart is full of gratitude. As the days pass and the pages of Ashley's story are being written God continues to use people all around the world to bless us. He provides for us by using others and blesses us out of their thoughtfulness and generosity. So many of you have given of your time, your talents, your finances, and your hearts to a tiny baby girl and her family. I will forever be grateful.

It has been brought to my attention that some have wondered if Ash and I ever received the things they sent to us. I would like to extend an apology to anyone who may have felt that we did not properly say Thank you. I tried very hard to make sure that I thanked all those who have given to us in any way. I usually post my Thank you's on the "Thank you" page of this journal. Every once in a while I may write a thank you into one of my posts in her journal. Looking back at my actions, I now see that I should have kept a list of all the addresses and sent hand written, personal thank you cards to everyone. I am deeply sorry if anyone has felt as though I have been ungrateful. If you only knew my heart. I have deep regrets for appearing so ungrateful toward you. I have been touched so deeply by every one's generosity and thoughtfulness. I would have never intentionally hurt anyone who gave to us out of a willing heart. Please forgive me if you did not see my grateful heart. Please check the Thank you page if you did not know it existed and please accept my apologies. I will try to do a better job of showing you how very much your kindness has touched me. My heart is heavy as I think that I may have seemed selfish in my actions. It is easy to get caught up in the daily events that surround my Ashley's life and I now know that I should take more time to write my Thank you notes rather than typing them.

I am truly trying to do things the right way during this very difficult time and I do not wish to injure any of your feelings. You are loved, and your are appreciated. Thank you for caring so much. Love, Trish


At 6:38 PM , Blogger Krista said...

No thank you's are needed from here. You dont have time I am sure--It is hard to know whether or not she received stuff but as far as writing out a thank you note, not necessary. we love that little pickle ! You have too much on your hands! Get some rest tonight!

At 7:08 PM , Blogger renovating this heart said...

I'm sure everyone just wants to be sure their gifts made it into the right hands and didn't get lost in the process. I highly doubt anyone harbors thoughts that you may be ungrateful.... you have such a beautiful heart. The fact that you wrote this post shows your humble, grateful, and selfless attitude. Know that IF anyone thought those things, you have made yourself right. Okay? I hope you can let this go. Much love and MANY hugs to you, sweet sister.

In Christ, calissa

At 9:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, you are WAY too hard on yourself (maybe we actually ARE a lot alike!)! Yes, written thank yous are nice, IF you have the time and energy and can bring yourself to focus enough to sit down and do that. Somehow, I don't think that happens very often for you. However, I think the thank you portion of the website is PERFECT! And, I think most people are okay just knowing in their heart that you appreciated whatever they did, even if they never heard or saw the words. Hold your head up high and lighten your heavy heart--you are wonderful. ~A

At 9:50 PM , Anonymous Grandma said...

I truly believe that everyone knows how difficult life is for you all during these trying times and no one really feels badly about not being thanked properly. I'm totally impressed that you've even had the opportunity to do the postings, much less more than that. Please don't beat yourself up over this; you have shared your heart many times about how much you appreciate all everyone is doing on your behalf and Ashley's. It's understandable that once in a while a specific thing might slip through but it in no way means you wern't grateful for whatever it was. So, don't worry any more. All is well!!! Just keep concentrating on getting our little Gherkin better and the two of you getting back home to Texas!!! Love and Hugs, Grandma

At 10:38 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Hey Trish,
Ditto Krista.... I think the question wasn't if you were thankful. We know your heart & how busy you guys are. I think rather the questions were if you had recieved it. There was concern it might not have made it to you. Girl...we know your heart. Your awesome! I have been MIA all weekend....& just got caught up on the journal. I think it is the longest break from awhile...I couldn't wait to see what she was up to. I am terribly sorry for the loss that Ginny's parents have to endure. Praying for God to comfort them. Hang in there Trish... Sending up continuous prayers on the behalf of your family & Ash... Hugs!!

At 5:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are way too busy to be writing thank you notes. We can all tell by your post that you are very thankful for everything thing God has given you.

from Arkansas


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