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Day Trip

We are getting ready to make a day trip to Dallas and will be returning this evening. I just wanted to let everyone know not to worry. Ash and I will be staying in the car together and we will not have access to a computer until we return home this evening.

Dave stayed up with Ash last night and allowed me to sleep all night. He is such a blessing. I really needed the rest and I know that she is in good hands with her Daddy. This morning she is fussing at me a little and I think she is getting on to me for not being there with her when she woke through the night. I slept on the couch and to be honest I never even heard her wake. I know that she did based on the dark circles I see on my sweet husband's face, but he never let me know about it.

Thank you for praying for our sweet Ashley Kate. It means so much to us to know that their are faithful people around the world lifting her up to the Father. We continue to thank God for each of you who love her so much and who love Him enough to care for others. I will talk to you all tonight when we return. Have a wonderful day and I pray you get to enjoy it with those that you love. Take care. Trish


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Something in this post just gave me an idea I hadn't thought of before. Just a suggestion - of course, I don't know all details, but could Ashley possible be picking up germs from the car? If the kids rode in it home from school while they were getting sick and then Ashley gets in it to ride to her appointments. Maybe disinfecting the interior before you go places would help? Might be a huge pain too, but just a thought. We're praying for your princess.


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