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Home Coming

I am so tired, but so excited! It looks as though we may actually be celebrating our Home Coming by Thursday evening. If all goes according to my schedule(which it rarely ever does) then the floors will be done on Monday, the air system and vents will be done Monday, the cleaning crew will come in to help me start on Monday and then again on Wednesday. We should all be together in our house by Thursday. How nice it will be for Dave to come in from the office to our home that night. I can hardly wait!

Dave and I spent the day working on electricity, painting, and cleaning floors. The kids all hung out with Grandma. Ash has her days and nights really mixed up. She finally closed her eyes this morning just as the sun was coming up. That makes three nights in a row that she has decided to play instead of sleep. Hopefully when her prednisone decreases on Tuesday we will be able to get her to sleep at night time again. She woke about lunch time and then quickly went back down for a long afternoon nap. Grandma said she was determined to keep her awake, but in the end Ash was sleeping soundly in Grandma's lap. She continues to have really bad tremors, but she is smiley and happy. I expect her counts to start dropping by tomorrow and she will probably start getting nauseated too. Once she gets through the "yuckies" this week then she will only have to do it one more time. I am really looking forward to completing her chemotherapy treatments.

I wish you all could see her. She is the sweetest, happiest, silliest baby. I just love her so much. Ashley brings so much joy into our lives. Even when she is keeping us up at night she has a way of making us smile. Dave stayed up with her last night and he couldn't help but smile as he told me of all her "nonsense". Every time he would close his eyes she would start to growl at him. Then he would pop them open and she would giggle out loud. This went on for hours. I can hear her in the other room grumbling at her toys right now. She has no idea that we are going to try and make her go to bed in just a couple of hours, but once she figures it out then the games will begin.

Blake is wanting me to play a round of pirate dice and bake him some cookies tonight. Allie is needing some help in her new believers book so I am going to go and hang out with them before its time to tuck them in. Dave and Ash are busy working on the PT mat. It has been another day full of blessings as we work together raising this family that God has given us. I am really looking forward to blogging from our house soon. I think I'll even post a few pictures of it once we move back home. Thanks so much for loving our Ashley. You are such a blessing to us. Good night and God bless you. Trish


At 1:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying for Ashley and your entire family this weekend. I am so glad for you that the house is nearly finished!
God Bless!

At 8:28 PM , Blogger Ivey Elizabeth Sirmans said...

Maybe we should get Ivey and Ashley together. They could entertain one another. She is my little noctural girl. They would be best buds.

Good luck with the house. Wish I was there to help give you a hand.. Will be thinking about you. Enjoy the change of activity.

At 9:53 PM , Blogger Krista said...

I havent posted in a while but check in on little one everyday! I am around the corner if you need help with anything --My heart is so happy that Ashley continues to be so happy--all she needed was to be home!

At 11:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am happy you get to get out of where you are and to your new home. Is it in the same city? As I read all the things you are havinng to do and people you have to meet and bake and plsy with your other children too, it seems like a job for several, not just one. I bet you are one of those with spotless floors and tidy kitchens and disinfected rest rooms. I cannot imagine doing a few of those things, much less all of them. I did however catch that "Dave" was up with Ash through a night playing with her and I suppose he worked the next day?! No wonder you are the family for Ashley!
You are quite a mommy and dad

At 8:22 PM , Blogger Amy T said...

Praying your house gets done by Thursday and you can finally be home.


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