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Its been 8

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that it has now been 8 months. He has given us another 8 months with our sweet girl. I thanked Him for the last 8 months, the last 8 weeks(which He allowed us to spend at home with our family), the last 8 days, the last 8 hours, the last 8 minutes, the last 8 seconds, and the last 8 moments. I never want to forget that her life, every single moment of it, has been a gift from the Father. I never want to fail to remember that each moment I spend with my Ashley has been a moment that our donor family has spent without their child. Life is so precious and it is so fragile. There is not a moment of it that I want to waste. I want Ash to grow up realizing that each second of her life has been given so that she would live it fully. He has so much for her to do, to learn, to experience.

She has had a great day! This has been the best 2 week stretch for her. Since being released from the hospital on Mother's Day she has done so well. Each day she learns more and more. You can see her taking in the world around her. She listens and watches everything. We all love her so very much. She is sweet and adorable. Yesterday she started tilting her head from side to side and making the cutest gestures. It is so cute! She has rediscovered her thumb and likes to have it in her mouth at all times. Tonight she actually rolled her pink soccer ball back and forth with Allison and grandma. She spent some time on her tummy and rocking back and forth on her knees without screaming (that is real progress!). She has NO plans of sleeping tonight. She loves to sit up and giggle all night long. If we close our eyes she growls at us. I am so thankful there are three of us taking turns with her. If you tell her to, "Shhh, go night night" she just laughs and laughs. She thinks everything is funny. She has not started throwing up from her chemotherapy yet and we are all crossing our fingers hoping she might escape it this round. Wouldn't that be a blessing! Life with our sweet Ashley Kate is just too sweet.

We worked some really long hours at the house today and didn't come home until 11:00. We are making progress and I feel us inching our way closer and closer. We encountered some difficulties, but are determined not to let them keep us from moving home. Its just going to take a little extra work. Thankfully the office is closed tomorrow and we will have all day to work together. Tonight Dave and I sat on the living room floor eating a taco together. We were surrounded by a mess but we were together. It was really enjoyable to sit and talk about how much fun it is going to be once we are all home. Ash and I have only spent 20 nights in our home in the last 9 months and I have so missed it. Just knowing that we are so close is making me happy. The first night is going to be the best!

I am pretty tired and in need of a shower, but I wanted to post since I have been away from the computer all day. Thanks so much for continuing to check on our sweet baby. She is so happy and I know she feels the love that you put into your prayers for her. You have made such a difference in her life and I will forever be grateful to each one who has loved and prayed for my sweet girl. Good night and may the Father grant you a peaceful rest. Take care. Trish


At 2:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sure that our precious Lord is holding Ashley back just a little, to give you time to be prepared for her to get into EVERYTHING. While I know it will be a real joy to chase her around, and I know that each milestone is such a blessing, I also remember those days with some fear and trepidation!
May God continue to bless your precious family and your precious pickle as you prepare to become a self-contained family again!

At 8:26 PM , Blogger Amy T said...

As someone said on another post, God definitely chose the best family for Ashley. From parents and siblings to grandparents. Y'all are blessed and so are we for being able to share this time with you and pray for you. Thank you for sharing.

At 8:37 PM , Anonymous Regina D. said...

What a sweet victory to be at the end of the chemo treatments. I am praying for remission and healing. Please know that you are always on my mind. Love you guys! Regina D.

At 9:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have tears in my eyes AGAIN reading your posts. How thankful it makes me for you and how thankful for my own life and those around me. I am so excited to hear news of Ashley playing with a ball. Such exciting things are happening at your house all around!!! I am going out of town but will be thinking and praying for you all & and checking on the little pickle when I can get to a computer. Love and prayers! Colleen

At 10:52 PM , Blogger Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Praying for your little Ashley and that your home comes together soon!


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