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To give life

Dave and I went out on a date tonight. We were home by 9:45. At the conclusion of dinner we actually heard ourselves say the very words, "I'm too tired to go to the movie." "Yeah, me too. Lets run into Target real quick and then go home." All I have to say now is that I think that is PATHETIC! We are so OLD! Gone are the days of our youth when we were energetic and cool. These days going out to dinner and an errand are all we can handle.

We did enjoy some really great, uninterrupted conversation and some really great fish and steak. While waiting on our meals we began discussing our Ashley and the plans that God must have for her life. I've been thinking a lot about her life lately and this verse continues to play over and over again in my mind.

John 10:10

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life , and that they might have it more abundantly.

These very words were spoken by Jesus Himself, and they have taken on a "realness"(I am sure thats not even a word) to me lately. The thief(who is Satan) probably thought that he had succeeded in Ashley's life. Her beginning and her conception must have brought him great satisfaction as he tried over and over again to steal and kill and destroy this tiny life God had allowed to be created. I am sure he thought he had won on more than one occasion. She struggled for life and breath and he celebrated in her pain. The thing I love the most is knowing that he is NOT all knowing like our Father is. Satan could not see the future that God had in store for our sweet Ashley. He could not see the many, many believers who would fall to their knees daily as they cried out for God to intervene in her life. I can just see him stomping his feet and throwing a fit each day as more and more people spent time in prayer. The hurt and the pain that we all felt as we helplessly watched her battle for life so many times must have brought a smile to his face, but he did not know the outcome. God was not finished with Ashley. He brought her through a neglectful pregnancy. Satan did NOT win. God brought her through a violent birth. Satan did NOT win. God brought her through a battle with NEC that many doctors did not see her surviving. Satan did NOT win. He brought her through so many struggles with her dying liver and her blood supply. Satan did NOT win. God brought her to transplant and allowed her to survive. Satan did not win. He brought her through several cases of sepsis, cardiac arrest, and PTLD. Satan did NOT win. The Father carried her through 18 weeks of chemotherapy and He allowed the tumors in her lungs to all but disappear. Satan DID NOT WIN. NO MATTER WHAT the future holds for our sweet Ashley Kate I am determined that Satan WILL NOT WIN. My God is too big. He has plans to give her life and to give it more abundantly. Whether that life be short or long our God will be glorified and Satan can just leave us alone. Our life with Ashely is blessed and Satan can not steal the joy that she has given to us. It can never be taken away.

This may sound a little crazy to some, but I believe that Satan is real and that my God is real. I believe the words of Jesus when he tells us about the thief's plan to steal, kill and destroy. I believe that God has a definite plan in mind for for my daughter's life and that each of her struggles will serve a purpose in that plan. Tonight I believe that Christ came to give life. Not only to my Ashley, but to you and to me.


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If we never go down through the valleys, we will never have the thrill of being on the mountaintop. I believe also that He "grows" us through our hardships and struggles and we become more useful servants to do the will of our Father. To know that I am used for His purpose gives me great joy and pleasure.

I pray that one day Ashley will stand and testify what God has brought her through and that she will experience His endless joy and there will be many who will look back and remember and say that "I knew of her when she was just a tiny little baby and I know for a fact that it was only through the grace of our Lord that she stands and tells her story". What a wonderful day that will be and you, Trish, with Dave, Blake and Allie, will share in all the joy like you have never known before. That will bring great honor to Jesus who has answered multitudes of prayers.

Thank you again, for allowing us to be a part of Ashley's story.
Praying for travel safety to and from Omaha and all good reports. Love to all~~~Janiece

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I started to write something & then read Janiece's comment...

Well Said....


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Great post Trish! You are so right.


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