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Figuring it Out

I spent some time on the phone this morning with our transplant coordinator and it looks like we may have figured it out. Ash's blood work this week looks as though she is low on sodium bicarbonate. This is actually one of the meds that they decided she no longer needed while we were there. She was only on 10mls at night that we would add into her feedings, but perhaps that 10mls was what she needed to keep her chemistry balanced. Anyway, we are waiting to get a new script sent so we can add it back in and see if things straighten out. Hopefully she will be back on track soon. She hasn't had any more nausea and her shaking has stopped, but her urine output is not as high as I would like it to be. She continues to not have much of an appetite today, but she is awake and playing.

Ash has been making progress during her therapy and again today we saw her do things she didn't know she could do. Ashley is standing up along the couch(with assistance from her therapist) on her own legs and pushing herself off with her arms. This is so HUGE! She is full weight baring on her own two feet and she will stand up straight and tall and turn her head around if we start a Blue video for her. That little blue puppy has become a great motivational tool in our home to get Ash to do the things she doesn't want to do. Even though she isn't feeling her best today she still impressed us with what she is capable of doing when we give her a little push.

I just wanted to give a quick update and let you know we are working on figuring out what caused her to feel so yucky yesterday. Thank you for praying for Ashley Kate. Your time here and your encouragements are so appreciated! Have a great afternoon and God Bless. Trish


At 4:37 PM , Blogger Morgy's Mama said...

So glad it may be something simple and easily fixed going on with her. I'm so impressed with the progress you've talked about in her therapy! What a great step in the right direction ~ it will only get more exciting with time. Trust me, we've lived it too! Praying for her daily!

At 6:56 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

I heard the good news today at AMBUCS. I am so glad she is making inchstones toward some major Milestones. I know that as the days see that some of the things that were (questioned)....will she ever? You can see the answers unfold slowly in HIS time a resounding "YES". My Josh will one day walk on his own....I believe that it will come. He thanks God at night for helping him one day walk so he can be: a fire fighter man, a photographer, a baseball player, a doctor, & a daddy. LOL Wonder what God will do with these two precious children (Josh & Ash)....& their already amazing accomplishments..... I can't wait to find out. Hugs...

At 11:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So proud of Ashley's progress through therapy!

At 8:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad that you know what is going on with Ash. I pray that she is feeling better really soon! ~Chan~

At 10:26 AM , Blogger Emily said...

That's WONDERFUL!!!! Keep up the good work, Ash!!!


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