Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Happy Birthday to Ashley;.......

The way I sing you should count your blessings that you read that and did not have to actually her me sing it.

Gherkin is 2 years old and her party was fabulous. I cannot describe to you how good it feels to say that Ash is 2. I have always believed that Ashley would be around for this day, but in the back of my head somewhere there was a place that has always tried to keep me prepared just in case she did not. Yesterday was a celebration of LIFE and Ash has shown our family how to live it more abundantly. She made it to 2 and she is looking better and stronger than I have ever seen her. At the conclusion of her party our family formed a big circle around her and we went around the circle each taking a moment to pray for and praise all that God has provided to our family over the last 2 years. What we have been a part of has changed each one of us for the better. It was impossible to hold back the tears as so many in our family prayed for Ash and for us as we continue to face future challenges. It was equally difficult to hold back the tears as we reflected on all God has brought Ashley through. I am so thankful to each member of our family who was there and so glad they were all able to celebrate with us. I pray for the family who lost their child so that mine could live and ask that you take a moment to pray for them and lift them up. I also ask that you and your family consider becoming organ donors. It is very easy to do and can offer life to another. If you are interested in becoming an organ donor please click here.

On a personal note I would like to thank my wife, Trish, for being the best mother Ash could have ever been given.

Trish and the girls have been driving all day. They started in Oklahoma and are headed for Colorado. I think they have seen just about enough of Kansas for one day. You people in Kansas have one long state. They just called and said they have made it to Denver where they will stop for some much needed rest.

Thank you for loving our little Gherkin (who is pretty big now) and for celebrating her life with us.



At 8:24 PM , Anonymous oh amanda said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Ash! I'm always praying for you! Jesus knows all about you and I know He's got BIG and GOOD plans for you! Happy Birthday!

At 8:44 PM , Anonymous tamara cosby said...

Happy Birthday precious girl! We love you!!!!

At 9:20 PM , Anonymous nikki said...

I considered it an honor and a privelage to have been counted in attendance. The party was beautiful, especially because Ashley looked so pretty and strong! There was so much more I wanted to pray, but all of the crying got me all yawny. I loved holding the Gherkin. It made my whole night.

At 11:09 PM , Blogger Sun said...

PRAISE GOD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys - what an amazing family you have an how amazing this journey has been! God is so good and so faithful! Sunshine

At 8:19 AM , Blogger Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! I look forward to celebrating your birthday for years. :)


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