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Our First Outing

I'm trying really hard to grab a hold of that "relax" thing we discussed while visiting in Omaha, but after two years of not relaxing with her its not that easy. Today I am forced to try my hand at it. Ash will probably do just fine, but me...I'm not so sure. Just thinking about taking her in some where is causing my heart rate to go up and my breathing to become labored.

Allie is trying out a new tumbling gym this afternoon. Dave's schedule is full, Grandmas is out of town, and Nan has other obligations. This leaves me. I will be driving Allison and a friend to the new gym(30 miles) away and taking our sweet Ashley with me. The bag is packed, the stroller is loaded, her keds are on, and her "pony tail"(if you can call a tiny sprig of hair on top of her head a pony tail) is in place. We will be going inside. I have told myself over and over again that we WILL be going inside. I have gotten so used to sitting in the car with Ash while the other kids have activities, birthday parties, or practices. Dave and I even take turns going into restaurants with Blake and the Tarheels after a game. Sitting in the car to keep Ash safe is just what we have always done, but today I will break out of that habit and "relax" a little bit by sitting inside the gym while Allie tumbles. My fingers are crossed, I'm holding my breath, and I'm all prayed up. Lets see how it goes.

As soon as her class is out we will rush back to Longview to pick up Blake to take him to practice. This will be the last one before we head towards Steamboat Springs,CO and the National Tournament. We are so excited for them. Our Tarheels have worked so hard for this trip and we just want them to have a great time.

In two short days Dave and I will be the parents of a two year old(again). Life is so sweet and we are so blessed. Her party is going to be such a treat. We are looking forward to celebrating and fellowshiping with our entire families. I can't wait to share the pictures with you.

Well its time to load up and start this little outing. I'll let you know how it goes. Take care. Trish


At 3:27 PM , Anonymous Jule White said...

Oh - I feel your anxiety about taking Ashley out in public. We kept Kate locked inside for so long. I am sure your hands are red and dry from all the handwashing. I can remember the first time we took Kate to Church. I honestly thought I would have an anxiety attack when people put their hands out to touch her. It literally scared me to death.

I will be praying for germ free tumbling!! I know how hard this is and I know how concerning it is thinking that Ashley might catch someting.

So excited for Ashley's party and I know you are too. Praying for the perfect day to celebrate and thanking God for all he has done in Ashley's life.

Love, Jule

At 5:01 PM , Anonymous Laura R. said...

Congratulations! I am so glad for you guys. I am glad Ashley's opperation went well. She looks beautiful. We will continue to pray for your trip to Omaha and pray that everything is great with your little princess! May God continue to cover you with his peace and protection.
God Bless,
Laura R.

At 6:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am praying that you two enjoy your outting. What a blessing that Ash is better and can enjoy new adventures! ~Chan~

At 10:34 PM , Blogger Sun said...

oh wow - what a diffficult moment - you get so used to keeping them in to protect them and then feel so vulnerable taking them out. I will pray a hedge of protection for you all! I CANNOT wait to see her birthday pictures posted :) have a great night - Sunshine

At 9:05 AM , Blogger Amy T said...

How scary, but how exciting. A new big step towards Ashley's new wonderful future! (I pray that God is with you on your trip to Nationals and that the Tarheels play great, but most of all, show great sportsmanship. Show them what East Texas is made of boys!)

At 2:02 PM , Blogger Alicia said...

Oh! Steamboat Springs is one of my favorite places in the world. I haunt their websites hoping for a chance to return someday. My husband worked as a wrangler at a Christian camp that used to be near there and the place is woven into our love story. People say "Steamboat Springs" and I just get teary and melt into a puddle. Have fun and take lots of extra film or memory cards and batteries. The twilight lingers forever and everywhere you look is beautiful.


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