Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Its not been pretty...

...around here this morning. Waking up has been hard. REALLY hard. Not so sure why I'm exhausted this morning. Perhaps it was from all the CHEERING I did at the track meet yesterday? Maybe? Who knows. I'm just saying that this mom had a GREAT time watching her kid do something she loves probably MORE than anyone could ever really know.

Did I forget to mention that Blake was going to pole vault? Yeah, I think I did. With very little instruction, not much practice, and a "I can figure this out attitude" he did pretty well for his first time. I was super proud of him. 7th place overall. But lets get to the real important events. The hurdles. I was so excited, so nervous, so out of body experience I could hardly contain myself. If you play back the video you would understand what I mean. My kid...on the track...running hurdles! Life is so, so sweet. He did so well for the first race in his life. I'm talking really well. In the 110's he came in 1st in his heat and 6th over all. So proud of him. He loved this race. In the 300's(the HARDEST event in the whole meet if you want my opinion, trust me it just is) He did ok. Not his favorite race, but he did well. Placing 2nd in his heat and something like 7th overall. I was so proud of him. Of course he's only going to get better each week.

So today I'm exhausted. Really I am, but its not an option to slow down. Tonight our boys are playing in their first baseball tournament of the season. I also have an ALL NIGHT lock-in scheduled with my basketball team to celebrate our winning season. Then Allie has to be on the field by 8:30 for her first soccer game this season. Not sure how we are going to pull that off on NO sleep, but we will. Before all of that begins Ash has some classes and therapy this morning. Then I'll be off and running collecting the last minute items I have yet to get for the party tonight. I'm super bummed about missing one of Blake's games, but excited to have a night to hang with all my girls.

I suppose I should jump in the shower before Ash's teacher arrives. Or maybe I could just sit through class in my p.j.'s? After all I am trying to recover from all my excitement of watching my kid run hurdles. That's a big deal you know. It really is and in case you missed it in the last couple of posts I AM SO EXCITED. So EXCITED. Guess who's running hurdles this weekend? Yep, its me. Wish me luck.


Full Circle

Had you been a "fly on the wall" or shall I say "a fly at the track" Sunday evening you might have found yourself rolling on the ground overcome by an outburst of laughter that made your sides ache. Let me just say to you that I AM GLAD you were not there. I seriously could have lost many friends that night had they seen me. It wasn't pretty. It was pretty funny, but not pretty.

But...let me just share with you that last Sunday evening a full circle moment in my life was occurring. A HUGE moment. One I have waited for many, many years to occur. Of course I didn't imagine the moment taking place at my current age or more importantly my current weight! Aside from those two factors it was pretty much a perfect moment in my life.

Let me be the first to announce that " MY SON IS A HURDLER!" In case you missed the importance of that last statement let me repeat "MY SON IS A HURDLER!!" Yes, he is. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Why? Are you wondering why? Because I am a hurdler. I mean I WAS a hurdler. So on Sunday I accompanied him to the track to share my "wisdom" and workouts with my son. It was so fun( I mean funny if you happened to be that "fly"). I couldn't contain my joy. The smile on my face. The joy in my heart. It was all so wonderful.

So today, I will follow a big yellow school bus to a neighboring town and watch MY SON THE HURDLER take the track for the very first race in his career(this season will probably sum up his whole career since it coincides with baseball season and you KNOW he's not giving that up for some hurdles). I can't wait. I am so excited. I have butterflies in my stomach.

I have no idea how he will do, but it doesn't even matter. Just knowing that life has a funny little way of coming full circle is enough for me. Just having the opportunity to be in the stands, just like my dad was, filming my kid run the 110's and the 300's has me bursting with excitement. Did I ever share with you that I went to college on a track scholarship? I know, if you saw me now you would once again be picking yourselves up off the track, but I was a sprinter(a really good one) and a hurdler(and I was pretty good at that too).

When Blake was 5 years old he came across some boxes of medals that I was tossing out as Dave and I were cleaning out some closets. He was so excited to find them and just had to have them. He asked his dad, "Where did these come from" to which Dave replied "they were your mommy's".

"DAD, I never even knew she was COOL!"

Yes, Blake, I am cool. So glad you figured it out.

Those medals provided hours and hours of "Olympic" fun for Blake and his baby sister. Until the day Allie threw one at his head and split it open. Yes, he now sports a very lovely scar across the left side of his head. A lasting reminder of just how cool his mom is. He's never forgotten it.

Its going to be a GREAT day.



Wow, I type that word and I think...Who? When? Where? What sport? and then I remind myself that it didn't come from playing football last fall or basketball over the winter. It hasn't come from the start of the baseball or soccer season's as we head into our very first games of the spring this very weekend. It hasn't even occurred from the hours and hours of track practice Blake has been putting in the last couple of weeks. So if its not Blake or Allie and it wasn't caused by some form of athletics then again I ask Who? and What did it to them?

Well...I have three children. The 14 year old, the 12 year old, and the 4 year old. Ruling out the older two which I have just done in the previous paragraph leaves my youngest, Ashley Kate. Who just happens to be the one sporting an injury that isn't getting better. Leaving me to wonder just what are we to do other than give it more time?

Now that I have answered the "who" let me try and answer the "what" or "how" or "when". As far as we can tell Ashley Kate has been injured while in therapy learning to walk. Something isn't right and isn't working. She currently is unable to stand up, take steps, or do any weight bearing on her right leg. Originally we thought it might be coming from her low back or right hip. Its not. Next I thought maybe her ankle had been sprained or strained. Nope. No evidence to support that theory. Then we thought perhaps her right knee because it appears to be swollen a little larger than her left and she is resistant to any form of palpation or manipulation of it. We shot x-rays to look for any type of break or fracture. None show up on film. Leading us to believe it is in the form of soft tissue damage. We can't pin point exactly what the injury is we just know by her behaviour that its there. She can sit with her knees bent or legs crossed and still maneuver around the house with no pain. She just can't stand on the leg. No walker. No parallel bars. No standing bar. No anything. It seems to cause her trouble when the leg or knee is extended. So... we are taking some time off. Yep, no physical therapy this week and probably not next week either. We are hopeful that rest will give it time to heal. If it doesn't I'm not sure where we go from here or what they will decide to do.

Anyway, when I think of injury the last person I think of is Ash. I'd completely expect for Blake or Al to come home injured in some fashion from all that they do each week, but my Ashley is just learning to stand and step and walk. I just never thought we'd be nursing a knee injury in my 4 year old. Just didn't cross my mind. Then again, much of what we "nurse" in our Ashley never crossed my mind. It just happened. As far as she's concerned she likes the extra 3 hours a week in her schedule to do nothing but play. I'm just hoping for her to heal quick enough that she doesn't lose the ground she's gained lately. I'm also hoping for the pain to be a distant memory so that when she's starts back up again it doesn't hinder her from moving forward.

Yesterday, she did ask for me to help her stand up on 3 different occasions only to collapse into me as soon as she extended her leg. Instead of standing in her walker she has taken to happily pushing it all around the therapy room. I guess she figures its better than nothing.


Happy Birthday Allie B!

Allison Brooke and her BFF, Chelsea

Dear Allie,

In exactly 10 minutes it will be 12 years since Daddy and I first saw your beautiful face. 12 whole years! I look at you this morning and I wonder where did all that time go? You my friend are still just as amazing to look at as you were that very first moment. I knew then that God had blessed us with someone very special and as the years have gone by you have not disappointed. You are special. So incredibly special to us. We love you very, very much and we enjoy being your mom and dad.

Allie, I watch you sleep at night and I wonder who you will grow up to be. I want so very much for you. I still whisper the same prayers over you today as I did the day you were born. I'll never forget standing over you next to your daddy and listening to the words of his heart pour out to our Father. You were so tiny(yes, even at 10.8lbs you were tiny!) and we wanted HIS best for our girl. Your dad began praying that very night that God would protect you, would preserve your innocence and would prepare your heart and the heart of the one He had set aside for you. As you grew, you would giggle each night as Daddy would pray for "the one I get to married". Oh, Al we still pray those things for you.

You my sweet girl are so amazing. So beautiful. So talented. So funny. I couldn't love you more if I tried. You make me smile and laugh just as hard as daddy does. He gave you a gift. The gift of laughter. Its a wonderful thing to go through this life and be able to laugh as much and as hard as you do. That's why I chose this picture. When I look at it I realize how very blessed we are to have you and your personality in this family. Your silly smile, silly laugh, and silly friendship with Chelsea is a gift. God has blessed you so very much.

Allie B. , your mom loves you. More than you will ever know. I love that you are one of my daughters. I love that when I see you across a room my heart leaps. I love that I'm the one you share all your secrets with. I love that the biggest flaw your friends can find in you is that "you tell your mom too much". I hope that NEVER changes. I love that I can lay on your bed next to you and laugh at the same things. I love how much you adore your daddy. I love how much you love Blake. I love the way you love your baby sister. The one you prayed your whole life for. I know she didn't come in the package you dreamed of, but that you still love her deeply enough to want that "package" for her. I love how you still "play soccer" with her even though her little legs can't kick the ball back to you. I love the way she hugs your neck so tightly. Do you know that she doesn't hug anyone as tightly as she does you? She knows there is something special about the way her big sister loves her. She feels it, Al. Do you?

I hope your day is full of special blessings. Blessing that take your breath away. I pray your day is wonderful and that nothing around you at school can steal your joy or wipe that beautiful smile off of your face. I look forward to picking you up today just so I can see the joy on your face. I love you sweet girl. Happy birthday. You deserve so much more than anything I give you today. You deserve the Father's best. NOTHING in this world can top what He has already given and the love HE feels for you.

You make us proud Allison Brooke. Keep laughing. Keep smiling. Keep being who you are.

Love, Mom


I love...

...standing in my kitchen cooking tacos(what else is there?) for my family. practice. Enough said. Allison snuggling up beside me and saying for the 1000th time this week "tell me what all we are going to do at my party again"

...coming around the corner into the family room and finding my baby rocking in her chair next to her daddy content that all the world is right again since he walked through the door.

...that my 14 year old son's best friend in all the world happens to be a girl who he loves as much as his sisters and whom he would stand up and fight the whole world over if he needed to. I really love that!

...listening to the chaos of my kiddos in the other room as they act silly together waiting for those previously mentioned tacos. I stopped, stared and wondered to myself "how did they grow up so fast? and is there a way I can freeze this moment, this exact minute and keep them at 14, 12, and 4? "

...playing worly word on Dave's i-phone and getting the "big word" before he does. Better yet, I love when he says can you help me with this word and I see it in less than a second when he's been struggling with it for a while=)

...knowing all my kids are home, here with us, safe, and sleeping in their own beds.

...a clean house. I'm talking a really clean house with freshly swept floors, no dust to be found and and empty laundry room. Its been a while since mine has been like that and I'm sitting here staring at the stacks of freshly folded laundry and wondering if I'm going to get it in shape in time for Allison's party.

...handing Ashley Kate a cracker and watching her lick every bit of flavor off of it and then listening to her fuss for another. Its a whole new world for us and we are enjoying it even if there are piles of crumbs on the floor in every room of the house. See paragraph above and remember how much I'd love to have all my floors freshly swept?

...holding Dave's hand. No matter if its in the car while he drives or under his pillow while he sleeps. I just love his hands and love that after 17 years we are still holding each others.

...good people. With huge hearts and their honest concern about helping my "husband" make it home from NIGERIA!!! Its a crazy world and I'm still trying to figure it all out, but I've learned there are more good people in it than bad. I keep reminding myself of that. life, my home, my kids, my kids friends, my husband, and my God. Oh yeah, I love tacos too! (bread, milk and eggs? staples? Not in this house! Taco seasoning, shells and salsa. Thats what I'm talking about! We don't eat that much bread. None of us drink milk. At all. Enough said. Very seldom do we ever crack an egg. But tacos? I raised my babies on those things and you won't find this house without the important things.)

Goodnight guys. I also love sleep and the nights I actually get some.


There's MORE

More and more emails are being sent. NOT FROM US. Please do not get pulled into this mess by responding to whomever this is. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY. They seem to be hacking into our accounts as fast as we can change them.

We are truly sorry for this mess. I wish I knew how to stop it. We are trying to get it under control.

The new message actually leaves an address in Nigeria for you to send money to. Please DONT. Many of you have contacted us when you received the original message. Please continue to let us know if you receive more. We are doing our best to protect our friends and family on our contact lists from this, but it is taking time to figure it out.


Dave and I have spent our mornings changing all account passwords and trying to gain back control. We managed to both get into the accounts with new passwords and they have already been compromised. HONESTLY, I CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

Some one is watching our email accounts and has already broken back in. I am already locked back out. I'm not sure what to do now or who we even call to get help. This is CRAZY!!!


This morning we have been notified that someone has stolen all of our e-mail accounts and is using our contact lists to try and steal money from those we know and love. THIS IS A SCAM and we are desperately trying to figure it all out. If you were on that list PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to the e-mail and PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY. From what I can tell the e-mail went out between the hours of 12a.m and 2a.m. this morning.

David IS NOT IN NIGERIA this morning. He is in the office. I know, I checked! Ashley Kate is well, God has been more than faithful and so very gracious to us. We are not trying to raise any funds for transplant expenses or to get his wallet and passport back!

I am busy receiving calls and e-mails from many of you this morning and I am doing my best to return them all. Thank you for alerting us and we will do our best to put a stop to this. Its been a very disturbing morning. They have all of our information and are doing their best to make it look official. Please read closely and you will see it is not us and we are not behind this.

Again, we are so sorry if you have been the recipient of one of these e-mail attempts.


ITs all in the details

I'm tired. Really tired. My feet are killing me tonight.

I just walked in from W_________. You know the place? Right? Before W_______I was at soccer practice and before that Hobby Lobby. Before "HL" I was at the other W_______ and before that Tuesday Morning. Before Tuesday Morning I hit both party stores in town and a couple of dollar stores too. Before those dollar stores I was sitting through therapy with Ash dreading all the running my feet were going to be doing today but loving the reason for all the running. Know what I mean? Tell me you do. It makes me feel better to pretend I'm not the only one just slowing down at 11:30p.m. or so.

Details. I'm REALLY into details. After all, its the details that make or break a good party. Right? Just keep nodding your heads. In the up and down fashion not the side to side fashion Dave showed me just moments ago. He announced that he "didn't get it" but that he was "very glad that I did". That made me smile. Just to know that he appreciates my crazy birthday party schemes makes me appreciate him right back.

I accomplished a lot today. I really did, and if that was all there was to get finished by 7pm Friday evening then I'd be in really good shape. that all the running (or shall I say most of the running ) is done I have to begin putting it all together and make this party happen for my sweet Allison. She's so excited! I'm talking so excited she can't sleep and its only Monday! Its going to be long week for my girl (and for her mom=)

All I can share at this time is that our house will be covered from top to bottom in the very cool, very "grown-up I'm not a baby anymore" colors of hot pink, lime green, black and zebra print. I sure hope I can put all my plans in motion. If I can pull it off its going to be a GREAT party. Somewhere in the back of my mind is a silly little idea of painting her bedroom walls in zebra stripes as she attends school on Friday. I know, I know its CRAZY and Dave is still shaking his head in that side to side motion, but if I can get everything else done by Thursday evening then why not make it happen. She would be SO surprised! and it would look SO cool!

After all it's all in the details, right?


My New Favorite...

...memories of 2010!

"We've got GREAT kids"

I spoke with Dave just a few minutes ago and he announced to me, "We've got GREAT kids!"

"ummm....yeah, we do. What makes you say that this morning?" That's what I was wondering.

Its snowing this morning. Yes, snowing. In TEXAS! Can you imagine the joy that welled up inside of my Allison as she looked out the window? She's bubbling over with it. Anyway, the kids went outside to get in the car for school as Dave finished up a few things in the house. As we passed by the window we could see the arsenal of snow balls they had assembled and waiting for their dad. They were freezing standing there with no coats on(because you know we live in Texas and why waste money on coats when a nice hoody from American Eagle will get you through the winter? ). So Dave being the wise parent decides to go out the front door, assemble a few snow balls himself and surprise attack them from the driveway. So goes the morning.

When he called to make his announcement he shared that he had asked the kids why they were throwing all their snowballs at this feet? Seemed a little odd to him(I can assure you HE wasn't aiming for their feet). Their answer? "We didn't want to get your clothes all wet before you went to the office." Get it? GREAT kids!

Then he went on to share with me the happiness in Allison's heart over this dusting of snow and how she just KNEW she was going to have a great day. That made my heart smile. Outside of her parents I would imagine the only one who truly understands the joy in her heart over this "snow storm" would be her heavenly Father and for that I am thankful.

He blesses us every single day in lots and lots of ways. Today He just happened to bless a soon to be 12 year old girl in Texas with snow. I'm smiling about that. Have a great day!


One morning last week...

...I opened up the car to find my front windshield, dash, steering wheel and both windows covered in pink sticky notes. Before I even read one word I was smiling. From ear to ear.

Dave had spent his early morning hour before leaving for the office writing notes for me to find. He then stuck them all over the inside of my car to let me know he was thinking of me and how much he loves our life. The notes covered events of our last 17 years together, silly things our toddlers used to say, major events in their lives and ours, and sweet things he holds in his heart. I collected each sticky note and laughed at some of the words written, cried over a few, and smiled the whole time I was driving to my destination. What a wonderful way to start the day!

When I picked Allie up from school she saw the stack of notes and a beautiful smile crossed her face. "Daddy is so funny!"

"Yes, he is and I hope the man you marry is too. He makes me laugh every single day and that's why life with him is so fun."

She spent the drive home reading the words her dad wrote to me and she giggled the whole way.

I won't forget that drive home with her anytime soon. Not only did he make my day, but he also made hers. Watching her out of the corner of my eye and filling in the stories to those memories she was too young to remember is something I hope to always remember.

To say that Dave dislikes Valentine's day is an understatement. He thinks it is a hallmark/candy company/florists conspiracy. I guess after all of these years I kind of agree with him. Its silly that we "have" to express our love for each other on this particular day of the year. In his world of rainbows and daisies he believes we should let the people in our lives know that they are loved every single day not just on this day. =)

I don't expect much on Valentines day. Oh, sure he will acknowledge the day because you know the whole world "HAS" to, but I much prefer his way of letting me know each and every day how much he loves our life together. You know, things like his heart poured out on pink sticky notes covering my entire windshield on any random day of the year.

I REALLY love this guy and even more than that I REALLY like him too.



Ashley Kate ate a CHEERIO in therapy this morning. OH YES SHE DID! She picked it up with her little fingers(using the pincer grasp might I add) and then put it in her own mouth and ate it.

One whole Cheerio.

In a weeks time we went from licking a cracker to EATING a Cheerio.

Praising God for this at our house today.

Work with me...please!

C'mon...could she give me something to work with...PLEASE!

Her birthday wish list? It goes a little something like this:

1. A battery. Are you kidding me?

2. A remote controlled car. Allison, you ARE a young lady. A beautiful girl on the verge of your teenage years. Are you SURE you want a remote controlled car? For your 12th birthday?

3. A new Napolean Dynamite DVD. It is her ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE. Our current copy is scratched and she is desperate to have a shiny, non scratched copy of the movie.

4. A Clue board game. Where in the world did she come up with this one? She's never even played the game. I couldn't figure it out so I inquired. Her math teacher happens to have four sets of the game in her classroom. Problem being only the Logic students are allowed to play them. Allie won't take Logic until next year and waiting a whole year to get her hands on that game to see what its all about is killing her. Hence her need to place it on her wish list.

Now I know all of these things are pefectly "ok" to purchase as birthday gifts, but I can assure you NONE of them would have made it on the list I had in mind for her. So...I'm still just as lost as I was before I asked her for her wishes. Guess I'll be branching out on my own to find the perfect gift for my 12 year old beauty. Her dad is taking care of the battery and the car. Her brother is taking care of the DVD. That leaves me the Clue game. I've got to do a little better than that!

Still I'm having fun planning and purchasing the decorations, props, and other fixings for her party. At least I'm getting to do that. Its not a total loss.


What's happening around our house?

Ashley Kate is busy reading...

... standing ... giggling ...

... stepping and working and...

other good stuff.

Like learning to lick crackers and liking it. I know, sounds crazy, but its actually a HUGE step toward learning how to eat. She now enjoys holding a cracker(instead of throwing it across the room) and running her toungue all around it to taste. She won't bite it, but she will tolerate the tasting of it and is actually enjoying it a little. We are so encouraged!

Allison Brooke is...

looking forward to her twelfth birthday. Two weeks from today. She's helping me plan a slumber party for all her friends. Trust me when I tell you it will be crazy! Her list of birthday wishes cracks me up, but I'm not surprised by that cause she pretty much keeps us laughing non-stop. Her natural beauty steals my breath away(she will kill me for using this photo with her messy hair, but I LOVE her sparkly eyes and shining smile! She always looks more beautiful to me when she's not "trying"). Her sense of humor and silly grin reminds me of her daddy and since he happens to be my favorite person in the whole world it blesses my heart that she is so like him. Basketball season was a huge success and soccer season starts any day now. She is so stinking athletic! I'm super proud of this girl and I love her more and more each and every day.

Blake is...

spending more and more of his free time with this young lady. She's incredibly sweet, really beautiful, and makes him smile. A lot. He has really grown up. Quickly. Too quickly! I still remember the toddler that beat on the back door all morning long begging to play in the sand box(he would have lived out there in that silly thing if I would have allowed it). The teen years have arrived and I'm learning how to parent him all over again. Its an adventure into the land of first girlfriends, BUSY social calendars, and curfews. Baseball practices have started up(can you hear the hallelujah chorus in the back ground?). The first tournament is just two weeks away and we are thrilled about watching him play ball again. He is super busy with friends. He continues to be an awesome kid and I'm so proud of who he is. I just love this guy!

Dave and I are happy. Blessed. Grateful. Our schedules pretty much involve the chauffeuring of the kids from place to place. We are back in our office. Not all of it is complete and there are still contractors coming and going but we are working again. Praise God! We love our life and are very, very content to be in this place and in this season. Its such a blessing for life to feel so normal again. I know it may not last forever, but for now normal is the most beautiful thing. So that's what is happening around our house. Hope your homes are just as "busy" or just as "not busy" as you like them. God is good and we are all so blessed. Have a great day. Trish



After 82 and 1/2 hours of hard work, conditioning, and practice, after 12 wins and 1 loss(who we came back and won against just last week) my girls fought for and won the District Championship last night. It was a LONG day. It was filled with ups and downs. It was not handed to them. They had to work for it. It was not easy and I knew it wouldn't be, but in the end with tears of joy in our eyes and bruises all over their bodies they walked away as champions. It was so exciting!

To say that I am proud of this group of girls is an understatement. I am more than proud. They have given so much to this team. Hours and hours of conditioning practices paid off. They never slowed down. They never complained. They had worked for that moment and it was there for the taking. In my last huddle I encouraged them to not slow down, not give up, not let it slip through their fingers. They deserved the win and all they had to do was stay the course. I cried as I watched my Allison cry tears of joy. It was so emotional. When you work that hard for something and then it is actually yours the emotions are overwhelming. On the ride home Allie said, "I've never cried for joy before. It was so weird, but I just couldn't help it." That made me smile.

So what do we do now that our season is over? Well...I buy groceries(can you hear the cheers from the crowd?), I cook dinners again(more cheers), and I spend time with my baby. Yep, that sounds pretty good to me. I've missed her so much the last 4 months, but I've been SO blessed with the hours the Lord has given me to spend with and invest in my Allison. I wouldn't trade this time with her for anything and I'll never forget the memories we've made together. It was fun. More than fun.

Congratulations girls! You are the DISTRICT CHAMPIONS of 2010! You worked hard, you played well, and you deserve it. The memories that we made together will last a long, long time. Thanks for being such an awesome group of young ladies. I'm going to miss you. Guess what? NO PRACTICE next week!


"Who's the boss around here...


She thinks she is. At least that's the way it is supposed to be(according to her). So just who are all of these "bossy" people in her face this week? She's not very happy about any of it or any of them.

Ash's schedule is back to normal this week. She's not happy. Not one little bit. Everyday...teachers...therapists...hard work...WHAT IS GOING ON? She just wants everyone to leave and everyone to leave her alone.

I think its going to take a little time for her to get back on track and actually enjoy some of her weekly activities. After all being sick does have a few advantages. You know the whole sleeping in, lying around, doing nothing, watching movies, and having your family surround you to make sure you had what you needed or wanted whenever you needed it or wanted it.

I just so thankful that she's bouncing back. She looks good. Has started feeling better. Other than a minor cough and some "snotty" issues I think we have avoided a catastrophe.

So wish us luck( or maybe her therapists luck) on getting back into the swing of the things this week. So far its been a little rough and she's got at least 3 more days to go until she's off for the weekend.